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Koché Collection Spring/Summer 2017 in Paris ( with interview )

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Designer : christelle kocher, finalist of the lvmh prize in 2016, a young talent to follow.4th collectionarea : right in the heart of paris, in the ‘forum des halles’ under the domed ‘canopée’ inspiration : lingerie spirit, sportswear, masculine vs feminine. desire for freedom and positivity particularly brought by the colours (yellow, red, blue) and the cuts focus : lace trousers and organza babydoll cut on the bias and embroidered in sequins or feathers.+cape with mille feuilles ruffles on the embroidered shoulders+oversized trouser suit + brassiere +jogging trousers tightened at the ankleto note : mixed and strong casting collection which sticks with the times and to a certain desire for diversity interview with christelle kocher :i wanted to have a very positive message, a certain poem, something very bright in this collection, something very simple with very simple sentiments, of love, of generosity, that seemed monotonous but these days i wanted to have very simple words, to say them. it was important to rediscover paris, with this youth which makes up paris, which makes my casting, to also celebrate this new area, this heart of paris.it’s very subtle but there is hard work on the cuts of these pieces. but really, i wanted to have something quite feminine, contrasted with the more masculine looks, harder, mixed also with sportswear.i like to mix, there is never only one influence, there are fragments, it’s not thematic, it’s very instinctive, its feelings, intuitions that i have and which grow, and it’s also the things that i am fond of, that i work with from season to season. music from the show (only to be used in the context of the show, protected by the right to information.)