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Fashion and it's transformations : What is the future of shows and luxury ? Geoffroy de la Bourdonnaye, CEO of Chloé answers !

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What is the future of the show, is fashion a spectacle, must is reinvent boutiques, the influence of social networks in the fashion industry? geoffroy de la bourdonnaye, ceo of chloé answers these questions in the setting of vogue fashion festival.interview of geoffroy de la bourdonnaye :i think that the shows are becoming more and more important in terms of the clothes portraying the woman’s emotions being felt and sensed live. the emotion which is aroused by the show and the community, because we are a community of women of chloé girls , is found between them, when i saw all the french actresses, the young french actresses, christine & the queens who i named and the others who were on the first row it’s truly a community of people who come because they love the house, they choose the clothes they wear, they aren’t forced, we don’t pay them anything, we have never paid anyone to come to our shows because we want it to be authentic, we want this to be a real community of girls.new media enables us to bring a true opinion to a very large audience, to our customers, where girls , called chloé girls, come to our shows and are our famous community who posts on twitter and thus speaks about the house in a totally free way, we don’t put the words into their mouths, it’s really them who expresses themselves and the fact that they’re bringing their opinion, it’s what women want today, and particularly chloé girls, the chloé girl is free, that’s what characterizes her, it’s that she is totally free. we are speaking as a house less and we are speaking to our customers more, where the girls who are in the chloé girl’s community, the message is more convincing. i would say that the shops have already been reinvented, it can always be improved, always perfectible in bringing a more personalized relation with our customers. to the extent that i would say that not personalized information is more readily available on the site, the value is added to the boutique when we concentrate on personal relationships and on the affinity. we are chosen by chloé girls in the boutiques and the women who come to us want feel this pleasure that women find together, to have fun and to shop together, it’s this spirit that they are looking for.(music free : bandit & nikit)