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Avoc - Menswear collection Autumn/Winter 2017/18 in Paris ( with interviews )

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Designers : laura do & bastien laurentlocation : boutique kiliwatch, rue tiquetonne, famous shop which mixes designer pieces and vintage clothes.inspiration : entitled “hunting happiness” the duo evokes the difficulty of staying on course for a young fashion label born in 2013, which has been part of the official menswear fashion calendar since 2016, while demonstrating their strength and passion to create beautiful pieces.collection : a worked streetwear, unisex pieces, a look out for graphics like the appearance of the red logo “avoc” on the back of the clothes. the jogging trousers are forgotten to become a soft, flowing pants, worn on top of a suit jacket, or a parka playing with volumes and details. the orange, the red, the water green gives both an architectural and cool new dimension to the clothing to note : the jacket and the shirt without a collar, the pockets worked differently on each side, the supple checked suit and the kimono dress. interview with laura do & bastien laurentwe don’t want to stop at the clichés of a sporty and urban silhouette, we want to build it up a bit.we imagine it with a tracksuit, worn with a suit coat, we want to raise it a little, while giving it detail, while keeping it accessible and wearable. that lets us mix our two clothing cultures, that is to say that laura has this tailoring culture, she is the master of tailoring, and i will compare it to something a bit more sporty and urban. anyway it’s the survival instinct, to mix the two, we draw both. she will want to draw a dress for girls, then we will want to make unisex pieces, for girls and boys, in fact we want to do a little bit of everything. music from the show (only to be used in the context of the show, protected by the right to information.)