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Julien Macdonald - Women's Autumn/Winter 2017-18 collection in London (with interview)

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Designer: julien macdonaldatmosphere: in the goldsmiths hall building, surrounded by historical portraits and crystal chandeliers. julien, for nearly 20 years with his glamorous label advocates sensuality with shinning gowns.silhouette: first dresses with a cut up graphic shape, revealing the body. the brightness coming through in silver tones with some vibrant red sparkles. the shape is wrapped and short. the fringed body suit is daring and men wear jackets and jumpers with curves and studded sleeves. to note: winnie harlow, star of the showmusic from the show (only to be used in the context of the show, protected by the right to information.) interview with julien macdonald : i love women and i love glamourous clothes. the world is changing everyday and we live in a modern society where you know what, as a woman if i want to wear that, i m gonna wear it, no matter what you’re going to say to me : oh ! that’s a bit short, you hair are bit like that… you do what you want to do and you should be respected. the woman that i dress is glamourous, she’s fun, where’s the inspiration from ? from the world, from my life, the places i go, the places i travel, the modern world around me, modern architecture, buildings, the women that i see ! i m in miami, they wear short dresses because it’s hot, i mean russia it’s cold, i’m wearing a long dress with a fur coat. it’s cold. you dress for your environment and the kind of woman that you are.