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Bally - Women's, Men's & Accessories - Autumn-Winter 2017/18 collection in Milan (with interview)

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Location : the heart of milan in the brera academy of fine arts.presentation : mixed collection, men and women with around ten looks, highlighting the ancestral expertise of this shoe house dating back to 1851today the label has broadened its offer with an accessories and a luxury ready to wear line. silhouette : 70s spirit with checked trousers suits, the slightly flared leg, the belted waist and the mid-calf length skirts or straight coats in leopard or cow print.focus on : the loafer with a buckle, or with high or flat heels. the trainers decorated with pop elements and many propositions of bags brightened up with decorations. interview with frédéric de narp :bally is really a brand of immense quality certainly due to that we are the only luxury accessories brand that comes from switzerland. when i look at the history of the brand, in the 30ths, which were bally’s glory days, it was really the 1920s/30s where we saw this happy luxury, a very, very colorful brand, full of gold, colour, joy, generosity and even humor. so the 30s were these glory days that we wanted to put in the essence of this brand, for me, bally is a “vibrant” accessories manufacturer of great quality, with this “vibe” in the accessories through the shoes and the hand bag which is quite unique. we manage to take the heritage pieces and to replicate them in a completely intact way 80 or 100 years later, with an absolutely incredible modernity. we spent more than a year and a half developing an evening shoe which we have here, with the quality which was developed in 1930, which we haven’t come to reproduce today, so it’s a lot of development and research into the archives to inspire the brand and to project it into the future of the clients and these millennials and young ones. music from the show (only to be used in the context of the show, protected by the right to information.)