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Vionnet - Women's & Men's Autumn-Winter 2017/18 collection in Milan (with interview)

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Designer : goga ashkenazicollection : first vionnet show in milan presented in the atellani palace, which housed leonardo da vinci’s vineyardinspiration : the birds of paradisea collection made around fluidity and modernity we find the emblematic drapes of the house, in the asymmetrical vestal dresses or with light thin straps twisted on the side, and for some worn with a fine polar neckfocus on the denim through jeans or an embroidered skirt or the dresses printed with birds of paradise.+on a long, ultra-light pleated dress, a tulle shirt worn on top of trousers and a brassiere. + padlock necklace around the neck with its hanging key.goga ashkenazi : it’s all meant to be unusual, it’s all meant to be exotic, yet classical, we are respecting our beautiful history of course, but we are giving it a twist with the beautiful birds of paradise with the encyclopedia giving you that retro feel of course this is on lamé, this beautiful fabric that i’m sure you saw, some of the dresses were twisting because the technical inspiration was the drill so this is the drill which is turning and its very much in line with the fluidity with the drapery of madeleine vionnet. i wanted to add that wintery touch with materials such as shearling but in a soft way. it was hanging, oversized and it felt liquid even if it was from a thick material, the clashes of styles is something i find very modern. music from the show (only to be used in the context of the show, protected by the right to information.)