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H&M Studio- Women's & Men's Spring-Summer 2017 collection in Paris (with interviews)

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Ambiance : the paris tennis club, h&m shows its new collection surrounded by the biggest top models, with gigi hadid who opens the show, followed by bella hadid, amber valletta, imaan hammam, winnie harlow...silhouette : light and graphic. the studio has been inspired by cuba : the good mood, the heat, the dancing. light, ruffled dresses, nylon and drawstrings, shorts and brassieres. the slogan “love” on the t-shirts and skirts. the trenches and hoodies can be worn around by the men and the women, who came to show together for the first time at h&m.to note : the weeknd in concert to close the show a pop-up store at the show’s location for a “see now, buy now” collection, the clothes are also available immediately online.interviews :ann-sofie johansson it started with a design team who went to cuba for inspiration, before it changes too much, and there they found a ballet school they have some really good dance schools in cuba, then ballet the theme of the collection.love is sometimes, not a hard word to use, but sometimes it feels like it is used too much, but now it felt like we are ready for it, we are ready to use it as prints on the fabrics, on the sweaters and love and togetherness is what we are, what we need, and what we are aiming for, so to get that feeling here tonight as well.we talk about this lightness, the kind of freshness, and this springiness also, and also as you said in the collection with the dresses which are really easy with the silk jacquard, which really moves with the body, beautiful dresses with beautiful detailing.it’s the first time we have shown men and women together and i think it was about time, it goes very well together and we also mix it up a little bit when it comes to the collection, so some of the women are wearing a little bit of the menswear, so i think it’s a good way to show you can do that as well.irene kimit’s very exciting because it’s our first see now by now collection which i’m actually wearing right now, i got a sneak peek backstage, its fresh and wearable and easy and really great pieces that you can mix with other pieces in your wardrobe. music from the show (only to be used in the context of the show, protected by the right to information.)