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Fedoras, Caps, veiled sun hats: Maison Michel reveals its collection for next autumn/winter

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The magic of maison michel is to raise the hat to the artistic level, all while making it attractive and cool. this house of art, bought back by chanel in 1996, continues its development in making new collections every season, overseen for 2 years by the creative director priscilla royer (interview)thus priscilla was inspired by aristo-bohemia, daring to rework traditional fabrics, like velvet or mohair, adding handmade embroidery and patches. her heroes however are all the people of today, playing in small movies, with a hat fitting perfectly to their look.the magic of maison michel is really here, knowing how to adapt in proposing multiple shapes, recalling that the hat has become more than an accessory, and a full-fledged garment from which we no longer separate from. interview with priscilla royer :there are quite a lot of traditional shapes which have returned, there is a very classic bowler hat but with checks placed on the edge of the hat, and then at the same time there is this this input of modernity with the caps, the wooly hats, sun hats, veiled sunhats, a bit of a turban like headband but with a bow at the front, there are a whole bunch of variations, shapes, to dress all heads and all different face shapes. it’s about feeling in the spirit of the times, looking at what’s happening, i look a lot at what’s happening in the street, how people are dressing, in all levels, whether it is in a slightly more chic neighborhood, as a little more of a popular neighborhood, it’s important for me to know what’s happening and then after i remake my recipe to myself, taking the ingredients here and there, so after what interests me is to mainly try to find a shape for each person. the hat is consistent, after it’s knowing which hat is put in the spotlight per season, so voila, it’s here where there are be ups and downs, but it is an accessory in its own right.music free of right / bandit & nikit / 2017