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Bally - Spring/Summer Show 2018 in Milan (avec interview)

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Presentation : in bally’s new showroom and office, the luxury swiss brand that dates back to 1851 shows in the heart of milan. collection: an installation in a setting that recalls the seventies and the eighties in new york and the emergence of street culture. the collection revisits and taps into the brand’s archives. sneakers and bags adorned with the old logos. a soft pallet with beige nuances and cream enhanced by red. luxurious and urban sportswear. to note: the leather coated coat, the silk pyjama set with a printed "b". a jacquard overcoat with a floral pattern and a fur collar. bum bags are fastened with a b shape fastening. the sandals covered with a metal chain. frédéric de narp : for this new collection we wanted to be inspired by the heritage of the brand. you know bally has made 35,000 shoes since 1851, the most beautiful archive, i think, in the industry. and so we found four pairs of trainers designed in 64, 74 and 83 with the names super smash, galaxy, competition, so extremely strong trainers, which had great success thirty forty years ago and that we simply replicated, bought back to today’s taste which was a source of inspiration for this collection. it’s a woman, a woman who’s sure of herself, a confident woman, a woman who works, who doesn’t spend hours in front of the mirror, who’s free but strong, for whom we created the 1970s and 80’s. and so there we’re in her apartment and that characterizes this collection which is a new impetus of the brand. this is the bally logo from 1908 which we found at the bottom of a woman’s shoe, that we really liked and that inspired us so it’s inspiration from the past but done in a completely modern way. royalty free music / bandit & nikit