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Doublet & Rokh, the two designer winners of the the LVMH Prize 2018.

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A dream line-up as always for this fifth edition of the lvmh young fashion designer prize, held at the louis vuitton foundation in paris, with the presence of delphine arnault and eight of the luxury group’s designers who came to announce the winner. they were accompanied by actress emma stone who has given the hard task of revealing the grand prize in french.(interview masayuki ino)(interview jonathan anderson) masayuki ino, aged 39, and his brand doublet, already rewarded in japan, was the big winner of this year’s prize whilst a special prize handed out by the young jaden smith was awarded to rokh hwang for his london-based brand rokh. (interview de rok hwang)not so young, but talented with a sense of entrepreneurship and business, and a consciousness of the world today could define this new generation of designers. (interview d'humberto leon)(interview de sidney toledano)music royalty free - bandit & nikit 2018 interviews: masayuki ino: so relaxed, just a relaxed feeling, i feel very grateful. of course material is important, but fashion is so… enjoyment is very important, for example, this one, it’s t-shirts inside this box of noodles…bon appétit! jonathan anderson: i think in the end we all came to the right decision, i think it was good to pick someone who invented something and who’s doing something new and it’s very exciting, i would buy it! rok hwang: my line actually, if i could describe it in a few words, it would be sensual, youth and rawness because i use a lot of what is existing garments but then i start to do a re-study on each garment to understand the fit of the garment. humberto leon: i think that everyone has to think 360° and the way that all these young designers have to think about their companies, they have to think through everything from the business to the social media, to the design to the production, so there’s a lot that goes into it, so it’s not easy but it’s exciting to see how everyone approaches it differently and i think that’s the thing that stands out the most. sydney toledano: what’s true in our industry and also in all other jobs, it’s the maturity in business and the entrepreneurial side of young people in their thirties. they want to create, which is amazing to be entrepreneurial, and rather than dreaming, which is good as well when they come into a big house, they already have this awareness of where we’re going to produce, how we’re going to sell, how we organise ourselves and that’s really new. music royalty free - bandit & nikit 2018