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Make-up Spring/Summer 2018: The main trends explained by Tom Sapin, makeup artist at MAC

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Summer, your thoughts switch to beauty. the sun, water and light drive you towards a different look. time to take stock with tom, professional makeup artist at mac, who explains to us the trends for this fine season. (interview)on top of a luminous complexion and the return of blush, colours have never been so present, on the lips or eyes, from now on, they need to be dared.(interview)lastly an original touch- glitter. brightness occupies a particular place, especially for your next summer soirée. interview of tom sapin: there’s still a trend surrounding complexion, here for example, we’re in summer so there’s a desire for a bronzed, glowy, light look and still something bare, we’re no longer looking at very heavy makeup for the complexion but maybe more accents of blush, quite fresh on skin which is as bare as possible but there are methods and modern products that now let you create the illusion of natural skin even if there’s a bit of work with the makeup.also the secret, and it’s really the makeup artist’s secret that i’ll tell you: it’s to have a light hand and to not really apply product all over. now we want a bit more colour and blush really brings a touch of freshness and it’s good that it’s slightly getting back its status and nobility. in fact we’re seeing it a lot in the shows, it’s almost being pushed to the extreme. we use very vibrant pink blushers, why not have red blush and we twist it a bit on application, rather than it being systematically on the cheekbones, we wear it higher up, a bit more daring, audacious, and it’s really nice to see, and it’s a trend which is interesting to adapt. colour, is really something which is very on trend, but we’re also drawn to colour that we’re scared of. what i simply recommend for women who want to wear colour, is to make a choice, colour on the eyes or colour on the mouth? example is you choose an intense blue eye-shadow, wear a flat tint of it on the eyelids, add some mascara and keep the rest of the face as natural as possible. it’s modern and almost timeless. in the last few years, glitter has come into makeup and been perceived as an accessory. now makeup is seen as a purse, a bag, earrings, it’s really something that’s used to accessorise a look and glitter is really that.music royalty free- bandit & nikit / 2018