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AALTO: Women's show Spring 2019 (with interview)

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Designer: tuomas merikoskicollection: women’s spring 2019 (the designer tries something new by presenting 4 collections a year). the summer 2019 collection will be revealed in september during paris fashion week. inspiration: a creative world based around sport and femininity. the collection is called 999, a number which symbolises positivity and success. focus: on the draping, the technical materials, and the collaboration with swedish artist joakim ojanen for all the motifs and prints. two silhouettes confront each other, one very close-fitting with leggings and bras and the other more supple, with materials wound around the body. to note: the new line of swimsuits and sunglasses, plus the vibrantly coloured trainers. a fast paced collection!!!!interview of tuomas merikoski:the collection is called 999, and it’s really about the strength of women, trend of wellbeing, good health, sport, so there’s a strong inspiration of sport notably through the launch of our swimwear and it’s blended with something a lot more traditional so linen fabrics, cotton fabrics, but more creased, to keep this aspect of wearing it every day, on holiday, all that, it’s easy to wear so blending these two worlds and a technical touch inside, notably through a collaboration with a swedish artist who does very beautiful drawings and sculptures based around a slightly naïve world…it’s really a game for us to blend the shade differently, and tones that i think this summer will be light, it’s going to be fresh, there’ll be colour but we’re seeking slightly new combinations. music from the show (for use only in context of the show, under cover of the right to information)