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Chanel - Show Haute Couture Autumn/Winter 2018/19 in Paris (with interviews)

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Artistic director: karl lagerfeldplace: grand palais, atmosphere beside the seine with its second-hand booksellers and the institut de france decorating this haute chanel fashion showcollection: a slender, delicate, sensual silhouette with open sleeves and skirts that reveal short shorts. the craftsmanship of the ateliers can be seen through hems or borders embroidered with sequins and jewels. tweed is worked in soft and refined colors. the evening dresses are decorated with graphic embroidery evoking the glittering monuments of paris at night. the shoulders are exaggerated and marked. vertical pleated effects for small cocktail dresses, wrinkled on the waist for tops, ball volumes for little tulle dresses.to note: the long gloves that can be seen through open jacket sleeves and small boots turned up at the ankles + the metallic and quilted aspect in some outfits + the feather embroidery on a collar or on sleeves.with interviews of bruno pavlovsky and hubert barrère. hubert barrèrea very elongated shilouette with long, fitted dresses… a dynamic shilouette because, as you’ve seen, they are very comfortable things in order to walk in. along the seine, in front of the académie français so it’s a walk along the riverside in paris. bruno pavlovskyit’s a mix between “flou” and embroideries that creates such an extraordinary result every time, in these 70 creations, you can find all sorts of techniques in couture, whether it be feathers or embroidery… all the know-how is there and it’s the result is truly extraordinary. more and more clients, some young, some older, europeans, americans and asians, are all interested in this unique product. it’s another way of seeing the relationship with a brand. music from the show (only for use in context in this report, under cover of the right to information)