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Protective and cover-up clothing is invading catwalks

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The cold can knock you down, there are plenty of ways to protect yourself from the wintry weather. of course, there’s the timeless puffer coat, both light and warm it competes with creative ideas and the option of new hybrid versions.another way to protect yourself, is with a play on layering and an accumulation of clothing for maximum protection. parkas are worn one on top of another. with zips opening or closing according to mercury. the essential scarf takes the lead this season. it wins at volume. knotted at the neck, in quilted, soft and fortifying versions. if it’s knitted, then it has to display your initials or show your team preference! to be sure it doesn’t get lost, there’s even an integrated version!shoulders also have their own stylish accessory! the shoulder-warmer adds a wild feel to the silhouette. it can even be worn with tailoring or on top of a coat. for even more protection, we’ll be wrapping ourselves up in a huge picnic rug.it’s well known that we often catch a cold in the extreme temperatures! so pull on your balaclava, now a key word for fashionistas in winter! colourful and playful, it will add an original touch to the silhouette. for a sporty and slender allure, wear it tightly around the head...noting the breakthrough of the poncho which has made its big return for a cowgirl look, fringed and striped for a nomad type of luxury and a seventies revival. at lacoste, the poncho even becomes a dress. another variation, the cape also makes a comeback, for a natural and refined chic which can add an alternative vibe to an evening outfit. this winter the temperatures could be negative, but your style won’t be!