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House of Holland - Women's Collection Spring/Summer 2019 in London (with interview)

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Designer: henry hollandinspiration: the energetic english designer presents his energy through very colorful collections. for summer 2019, he addresses the daring woman mixing evening dresses and sport apparel with confidence and spontaneity. collection: suits are worn with bermudas or trousers and even sequined dresses manage to slip underneath jackets. tracksuits are completely revisited for with a more urban look and prints made in collaboration with the artist andrew brischler and swarovski have been used to create an iridescent effect on silk organza.note: various light parkas in a parachute effect + his swimwear collection, worn as bodysuits or bras for everyday wear + new bags reflecting harnesses. interview henry holland:it’s a modern city women of today and i think it’s about a story about the increasing pace of everyday life and the anxiety that it creates and those stolen moments that you get to see these characters, maybe on your commute or in your city where you live and that exploring those characters through the clothes and building the collection around them.it's very much a curated collection, so it’s a small number of styles but they’re styled and layered in different ways to create different ideas and different characters, so it’s almost like a capsule collection which we then reinterpret with each of the looks.music from the show (for use only in context of the show, under cover of the right to information).