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Fila - Women's Spring/Summer 2019 Collection in Milan (with interview)

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Artistic directors: antonino ingrasciotta and josef graeselinspiration: sport archives were the main inspiration for the brand’s first show, founded in 1911 at biella in piedmont (now owned by a south korean group) and specializing in high-end athletic clothing.collection: functional clothing, technical fabrics and details. reinterpretation of iconic pieces. new modern aesthetics for urban silhouettes for both men and women.polo shirts, trousers, super light parkas, striped tennis trousers narrowing at the ankle for men, slit mini dresses for women are outfits suitable for many occasions of the day, not only sport. the easily recognizable iconic logo is omnipresent.note: long straight metallic mesh dress + various styles of bags including shopping bags, clutches that accessorize the silhouette but also sneakers that slip on the leg + headbands.interview :josef graesel : this is a real honour for us to represent the brand globally because fila is well known only for sports, but what is new today is like, we will bring like the brand to the next level, combine sportswear with fashion to create the contemporary look. so this is like a real statement that we want to do, so you will have like different silhouettes, different materials, so we want to create something that people have a cool factor and they look beautiful in the clothes.antonino ingrasciotta : it’s all in the mix to combine techniques to sport material, like for performance sports but also for very sophisticated, very good qualities that you can create a complete new look but not like, it has always to be authentic and respect the fila dna.i think people are always searching for new stuff and now this is the moment of fila, we want to go out, we want to create noise and we want to show that fila is able to play the fashion music from the show (for use only in context of the show, under cover of the right to information).