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Marques'Almeida - Women's Spring/Summer 2019 Collection in Paris (with interviews)

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Designers: marta marques & paulo almeidainspiration: the duo and winners of the 2015 lvmh prize based in london, chose to show in paris and take their casting composed of friends and members of their family with them. their collection makes reference to portugal, their country of origin, underlined with a touch of punk.collection: a show with volumes and cut-outs, with puffed sleeves, cuts on the bias and asymmetric lengths on each side. sweatshirts are worn with big petticoats. a fringed scarf becomes a skirt, top and even a dress, all worn with thigh boots or shoes decorated with metallic toes.note: denim is always present and lightly fringed at the edged + black and white stripes giving a shiny effect is another symbol of the brand.+ a fur motor bike helmet adorning heads.interview with marta marques & paulo almeida:we managed to do something different. we knew we wanted to go somewhere where it was maybe a bit of a challenge for us because we’ve been in london for so long, but it was important to kind of see what community is here that we can maybe bring along to marques almeida and kind of find our ma girls in paris, we did which was really good. we’re just really obsessed about meeting new people and, i mean one of the main inspirations of the collection is always about the girls that we find on this journey, so i think to be able to meet more people, i think is just nice.my sister walked the show the first time which was family and kind of tradition and roots are very important to us, but i think until now we were kind of just focussed on moving forward and now maybe we felt, we were separate enough to say ok, now let’s move back. we felt kind of an urge to look back and to look at what are the roots and the kind of more family meanings are and we had a good time doing it. music from the show (for use only in context of the show, under cover of the right to information).