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Be prepared to embark on the new fashion concept, Air Brigitte

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Be prepared to embark on a new fashion concept called air brigitte, with the idea to create a false aviation company distributing travel accessories and products, created by the young talented designer, hugo matha.a strong aesthetic surrounding the name gives light to 25 very different and original collaborations, to improve your travels.it’s montaigne market, the multi-brand created by liliane jossua who opens their doors to air brigitte’s brightly coloured pop-up store.interview with hugo matha:so the idea was to create a company with a very french name. air brigitte worked very well and also paid tribute to many brigittes, including, brigitte bardot, brigitte macron and brigitte lahaye, through the slogan: “legs in the air, in front of a minister or in a film by the sea” referencing lahaye, macron and bardot. so this is where the idea came from.in these collaborations, we worked on the ideas together, for example with quintessence we have the perfume stick for suitcases, tumi and its suitcases, with maison ullens we have cashmere kits for travelling, and with pyj and american vintage we have travelling clothes to make travelling easier and more comfortable. it’s a great collaboration, we work hand in hand to make the products and i think more are going to be launched at a later date, it is truly the idea of working with the lifestyle surrounding travelling.interview with liliane jossua:i have a crush on this man, he has an unusual energy and personality, he is very young but he has a lot of talent. i was attracted by his originality as well as his ideas. he doesn’t restrict himself to one sole pathway, he tries to find new ideas, to create new things and so he told me about this air brigitte idea.around this, he creates something that we do in multi-brands, which means products can be super affordable, from five euros to a piece of art which can cost 15000 euros, but in between these, there are many affordable products.