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Know-How: Maison Boinet, 160 years of passion & French History

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It’s in château renault, near tours where maison boinet passionately produces their belts and leather goods with delicate finishing touches and refined details. labelled entreprise du patrimoine vivant (epv- company), it’s under the guidance of its managing director, bruno jourd’hui, that this 160 years old company continues its history by relying on the artisanal know-how and “made in france” origins whilst still developing modern collections!a pop up store is opening in bon marché between 22 october and the 8th november 2018.interview with bruno jourd’hui:maison boinet was created in 1858 by ernest beaumert, originally, the brand created cufflinks and mother of pearl buttons. the brand’s specialty is making high quality products with a timeless style as well as very detailed and fine buckles in a multitude of colours, in collections which are continuously renewed.the market for belts is stable, we adapt to accommodate to new trends, and currently high waists are in fashion, so we make pretty corsets, small and fine belts, fitted at the waist for women highlighting their femininity.there are many important stages in making a belt, its thickness is important but the origin of its material is paramount, we use leather, but not everything is accepted, if there is a little vein, it’s put aside, couture and branding are very important. our dyes are mostly handmade, we hand stitched certain products and where possible, we used our know-how work that only humans are capable of. we are confident with our ancestral manual operations.it’s a fashion house that is 160 years old, all our belts and our leather goods are made in our ateliers. we don’t sub-contract anything, everything is truly made here, from a to z. nowadays people want to consume organically, they want to consume local products, and as a frenchman, i think it’s important to defend our know-how and our jobs.