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Welcome to Shiseido's Beauty Station

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Welcome to shiseido’s new experience, a beauty station in paris transporting us almost directly to japan. between tastings and masterclasses, we discover the high quality magazine edited by shiseido, hanatsubaki, who celebrates their 80th anniversary this year. for the very first time, this retrospective is seen through covers taken by important photographers showing us the evolution of japanese women through the prism of art. - interview-the 140 year old brand, shiseido, has exploded throughout the whole world with their top product, the anti-aging serum ultimune. - interview-discover shiseido’s latest line: waso, products with impressive textures, free of additives and harmful products. interview with miyabi kumagai:japan was closed off from the west for centuries, and at the end of the meji period, japan opened up to the west, so we saw a huge foreign influence. however, women didn’t really know how to adapt to this new opening, and so with our magazine and the activities that we offer, shiseido accompanied these women to follow the latest trends.it took more than 20 years of research, and just over 4 years ago the product was launched, therefore we are currently in the second generation, but throughout the last 4 years we have actually received more than 130 awards.it's evident that shiseido also wants younger generations to experience their know-how and impressive textures, namely through the waso collection. we had the idea to break all the routine codes so young people only choose the products they want to use, therefore there is no specific routine like we had for other anti-ageing collections.shiseido japanese beauty station - 18 rue de turenne, 75003 paris / www.shiseido.commusic from the show