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Mugler- Women's Autumn/Winter 2019/20 Show in Paris (with interview)

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Artistic director: casey cadwalladerinspiration: the second collection for the designer who continues his exploration of the brand with a modern and sensual woman.collection: shapes inspired by those of the founder thierry mugler: rounded shoulders, fitted sizes, enhanced hips through jackets worn with coordinated trousers or flowing skirts as well as fringed purses. dresses play with sensuality.all the prints were designed by the brand coming from personal photos of the designer visiting museums.we also see a patchwork of materials, colours and patterns which add depth and movement.note: boots, vinyl trousers + the leather patchwork jacket + the long white dress with fringes.interview with casey cadwallader:for me it’s a very muglarian shape, it’s all about a beautiful shoulder a beautiful waist and a beautiful hip, and i think what we’re trying to show today is that women come in different shapes and sizes and a big shoulder looks good on everyone, a little waist looks good on everyone and i love a big hip. so we were trying to use women of different shapes and sizes and ages and trying to show how mugler can really apply to all of them.all of the skirts today have you know, meters and meters and meters of fabrics and they all flip out to the sides so that’s a good contrast. i like hard architecture and structured architecture but also very fluid architecture and i think that that’s what i was trying to explore as the duality of them both.i go to a lot of museums and i take pictures of a million things and i just print them all out and i make a mood board that really remixes a lot of sort of decadent textures that i’m into and at that moment i was really into antique glass and a lot of it actually comes from ancient roman glass that i saw in the vatican also painted murals of marble became a lot of the inspiration. so we made all the custom prints by hand actually in the studio and then digitised them and you know made millions of versions so to me it was all about finding that mix of all those different parts together.for me the mugler women is a very open definition, there is only a few things that she has to be; very assertive, very proud and very kind to others. she has to be someone who is a representative of human kind and wants to do good for other people and to hear their stories.music from the show (for use only in context of the show, under cover of the right to information).