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Fashionable Indian Beauties

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Diversity has been on the scene now for many seasons in different fashion capitals… from the abundance of models with black skin, women originating from asia are also on the rise in relation to future markets, and, for last season, we noticed a remarkable presence of indian women who surprised us with their individuality and their beauty. we loved discovering rhadika nair, who asserts herself more and more each season, with an incredible allure for burberry.in the same way, we notice bhumika arora from afar with her long black hair until we only have eyes for her walking for bottega veneta and zimmermann.finally, our last heartthrob is pooja mor and her presence, who revealed herself this season as a romantic heroine or a mischievous girl, holding her roles perfectly.these models affirm that diverse beauty must be celebrated more than ever with multiple women who dare to assert themselves ever more using their own codes, even on the podium.