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Chanel: Top 5 Cruise Collections by Karl Lagerfeld

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With not long to go until chanel’s next cruise collection that will be presented on the 3rd may at the grand palais, and designed entirely by virginie viard after the death of karl lagerfeld, we look back at the top 5 most beautiful collections and destinations!in 2014, chanel headed for dubai, in the shade of a mashrabiya with a double c and with a futuristic skyline; karl mixed the chanel codes with oriental elements. a crescent moon placed on hair, golden eyes and bedouin patterns mix with tweed, puffed trousers and precious embroideries as well as with jackets with ¾ length sleeves.in 2015, séoul in south korea was the chosen destination, in a futuristic space created by the architect zaha hadid. the designer revealed a modern collection with asian refinement and striking colours using textured, light and floaty materials. inspired by korean traditional suits, karl lagerfeld designed jackets with big sleeves and rounded shoulders with flat, crossed or notched necks, creating a new allure. an avant-garde collection full of energy and praised by an audience of international stars.2016 was a great event presenting their first show in cuba in havana with a meeting at paseo del prada. guests arrived in old american coloured cars. we saw frilled dresses, sparkling colours and panama hats. cubans were leaning on their balcony’s dazed by the spectacle.a finale with dance and music for an after party where everyone including karl couldn’t resist celebrating.from 2017, chanel returned to paris and transformed the grand palais. this time it reflected ancient greece with marble columns and a background consisting of rocks and gravel, flooded with light. karl lagerfeld designed an ideal and imaginary greece with a modern mythology. for karl, greece symbolises the origins of beauty and culture. the result is an architectural fashion with marble tweeds, suits with cord belts, straight skirts adorned with pockets and dresses with fringed edges.chanel surprised us once again in 2018 with a monumental cruise ship tied under the grand palais’ glass roof, baptised, la pausa (the name of gabrielle chanel’s villa). the cries of seagulls echo, the foghorn announces an imminent departure and la pausa’s engine roars…on the dock, a marine style is modelled. vertical and horizontal stripes clash on wide trousers, capri pants and on tube dresses. we see a cruise ship pattern on tops and accessories.karl lagerfeld, captain of this cruise collection has once again impressed his passengers. this was also the very first time we saw virginie viard, who came to greet everyone next to karl.what will virginie viard have waiting for us on the 3rd of may? find out soon.interview with tilda swinton:you wait for the invitation and you get it and you go 'where are we going this time', and… cuba!interview with lily-rose depp:i think that his sets are really above and beyond, so it’s so beautiful.interview with kristen stewart:their shows are always like walking into like a very elaborate dream. music from the shows