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Cruise Collection: Dior brings made in Africa to the limelight!

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After chantilly last year, dior chose to present their cruise collection in marrakesh, in el badi palace’s gorgeous surroundings. a collection that highlights african artisans and craftsmanship mixed with dior’s codes.to nourish her creative process, maria grazia chiuri met the anthropologist anne grosfilley, a writer and research specialist in wax materials, who, through her book, explores the origins of this textile that celebrates diversity by reuniting cultures through a ‘common ground’.also, focus on the work of mr. pathé o from burkina faso, the well-known designer of nelson mandela’s shirts, residing in abidjan for more than 30 years and defender of made in africa!interview with anne grosfilley:this collaboration with the dior house started with the book wax & co that maria grazia chiuri read. what interested her primarily was the discovery that women used wax as a form of non-verbal communication. the idea was to work the wax in a way that has never been done before. she wanted to economically engage with africa as well as having a human commitment, so in february we went to uniwax together. she wanted to know and understand the whole process as it’s a very high quality product. she did not want to use existing designs; she wanted to create new ones which she called a conversation, a dialogue. therefore, we have made a collection that is completely african and made in africa, but which isn’t too literal, and this is its strength.interview with monsieur pathé o:she came with her team to our factory, and they saw the work that we do and the materials that we use. they then saw the photo of me with president mandela, and when she discovered that i had dressed him, she was quite impressed, she then watched the work that we do.to pay tribute to president mandela, we needed to create a fabric using a slightly different design, that’s why we decided to use a unique colour that we call “moucheté” (mottled) that they liked. we made it blue and placed a photo of mandela on the back so the shirt pays tribute to mandela by pathé o. i met him twice, and at the end he told me that “the africa of tomorrow will belong to the creators of wealth”, and i asked him “what does creator of wealth mean?”, and he said, it’s those people who make things with their hands which will develop africa. it was produced in an african factory by african workers and now, the africans will receive credit, of course it will be sold throughout the world but above all it came from africa and this is the real benefit for us.music from the show (for use only in context of the show, under cover of the right to information).