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Ermenegildo Zegna : Menswear Spring/Summer 2020 show in Milan (with interview)

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Location: outside milan, a former abandoned steel factory, soon to be renovated into a centre dedicated to health and science. its floor covered with black gravel.artistic director: alessandro sartoricollection: a collection which mixes a sartorial spirit with touches of sportswear. a functional wardrobe, composed of a number of bombers, nylon blouses, textured fabrics and elegant outfits in mineral and earthy tones. flattened pleats, graphic stripes and crinkle effects give texture and volume to the silhouettes. 20% of the collection is comprised of upcycled fabrics, in line with the motto of the brand: #usetheexisting. the creator is developing sustainable and engaged fashion by recycling their existing materials to produce revolutionary, long lasting clothes. there are many examples of oversized or tailored trousers and colourful, fine knit polos. stitching details give way for more sporty pieces. comfort and a lightweight feel are prevalent in this collection, seen through oversized coats and three button blazers in stylish cuts.note: geometric bags with shoulder straps worn in every way. knitted berets. urban and comfortable derby boots in printed leather with chunky soles. interview :alessandro sartori : it is an approach which is a mindset, i am bored of seeing and hearing things which aren’t true. mostly, it is a mindset, it isn’t about declaring something in five or ten years. our approach is about doing things and being able to transform and change a process into a new process. the process here is that the collection here is 20% upcycled fabrics. we do nylons with the parka, but we also do wool in some of the outerwear and suits. what is happening is that we have 20% of waste in materials and 25% of waste in fabrics in the cutting department and we are able to get back to the beginning of the source, back to scratch and create fibres from scratch from the old one. that, for me, is particularly important. after that, so is the mindset, it is a way to design, thinking about the future. finally, the collection is about a sleek silhouette, more simple, sharp, full of interesting details and mostly with a simple, yet nice, style. show music (only for use in the context of the show, covered by the right to information)