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Phipps : Menswear Fashion Show, Spring/Summer 2020, Paris (with interview)

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Designer: spencer phippsinspiration: the relationship to the planet, to nature, this time with research in geology and anthropology. the american designer mixes in his american roots, with the addition of an element of sport. while keeping ecological responsibility a major element the with organic, well researched materials and traceability at the level of workshops and production.collection: the phipps man is curious, an adventurer. he dares to wear trousers with snap fasteners, long ponchos and long, sleeveless coats, in earthy tones. lightweight bombers feature cosmic patterns. a new era for phipps, featuring tailoring, bermuda shorts and woollen trousers, all made sustainably. note: the collaboration with french brand, millet, specialists in hiking attire, ranging from fleeces to sleeping bags, not to mention the many accessories.interview spencer phipps: i call it american because i am american, i look at it through an american lens, i can’t help it. but i think that that can apply to anyone, it’s just a matter of a certain pragmatism and a certain logic in the way that you live your life. it’s fun but it’s not fussy, it’s very easy. so even things like silk shirts, suits and dresses, evening wear, fun pieces but at the same time you feel very relaxed.i always call it this concept of purposeful luxury, stuff that is useful. so sometimes that is utility, just through pockets or especially with the millet stuff, something like a rain jacket that is extremely functional in that this is based on the jackets that they use for the highest level of alpinism in the world. so, you can wear phipps on the side of a mountain but then conversely there are more emotionally useful things, there are things that tell a story or things that can help you.the tailoring is a new product for us. working sustainably, you have to do a lot of back work and we are finally able to produce a suit because in order to do that you actually have to it at an extremely high level.music from the show (for use only in the context of the fashion show, under the cover of the right to information).