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Luz's graphic and eco-friendly swimsuits

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Luz collections perfectly embodies the love of the sea, the beach, long sunny days because this swimsuit brand, created by two sisters in paris, has become a reference especially since everything is made in an ecologically responsible way. most of luz’s products are made from recycled materials, organic cotton, sensual colours, and graphic and attractive shapes. building on its success, luz started to develop glasses, beauty products, accessories and sportswear. luz loves doing collaborations, with the last one being with surfer, alexandra rosenfeld, and the next one to be with the leading prints firm, leonard. with an interview from claire and alix mougenot, designers and founders of luz collections.claire mougenot:the fabrics are all environmentally friendly, ecological, organic and recycled. furthermore, the standards are fair, there are no children working for us, the working conditions are respected and sanitary. we also give back a percentage of our profits to an environmental association called “1% for the planet” which is an environmental association that fights to protect the environment.alix mougenot:organic cotton really gives the effect of a second skin, a matte colour that is very elegant, it truly is an accessory that you can wear with shorts, a kimono, to go for a drink, it really is a fashionable swimsuit. we don’t use cotton like a practical swimsuit but more like a feminine fashion accessory, to go to the beach, go for a drink, have lunch… music free to take : blondie by modern aquatic (himalaya)