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Moschino, spring summer 2019 show: a tribute to couture

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For summer 2019, jeremy scott pays tribute to couture, recreating the atelier of his mentor, yves saint laurent. an atelier in the background and silhouettes that echo this exceptional craft with humour and elegance.with interview from jeremy scott:so i was very inspired by the thought of mr saint laurent’s atelier which was such a minimal, clean, white minimal cause mine’s not that way, mine’s very chaotic. and i wanted to kind of play with this idea and then all the things that come alive, the scissors which become ‘la robe ciseaux’, you know. you have the gold needles and the thimble hat and all the pieces and tools of the trade, the tape measurer and the dress form comes alive when she’s walking or draping on the mannequin or draping on the live model and then she just throws it down and it becomes the train of her dress. it’s the inspiration of fashion.music free to take : “mine all mine by katrina stone” artlist