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Moschino does tele-shopping

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For winter 2019/20, jeremy scott keeps things big for moschino. to evoke excessive consumerism, he reconstructs a realistic teleshopping décor. and with humour and fantasy, he creates a wardrobe embroidered with drinks cans, dollar motifs and slot machines, and fun accessories in the form of a washing machine or a tube of toothpaste. with interview from jeremy scott:i was thinking about american gameshows, i was thinking about them, and the 80s and this very kind of very glamourous and over the top feeling of the show being these beautiful women and very beautiful, blonde, big hairdos, with bedazzled and sparkly couture gowns with these household appliances. i just wanted to play with that through the different ways of doing packaging, kind of doing packaging as a print for the gowns cause typically, beaded gowns are always very solid and i wanted to kind of play with that. of course, i love pop culture. obviously the show’s very camp, i’m the king of camp and that’s one of the things that i wanted to do, is put a smile on people’s face and, you know, i think fashion should do that. for me, that’s my gift to everyone is putting a smile on their face. music free to take : “mine all mine by katrina stone” artlist