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Moschino, fashion under construction

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Jeremy scott signs his fourth collection for moschino. since his arrival to this italian house, he restored a sense of energy and fantasy of the shows. for summer 2016, he came up with a fashion in complete turmoil with a runway under construction and a car wash in action.with interview from jeremy scott:this street, urban element of all the construction and all the stuff going on and the tape and the signs and put that in a very chic, couture way. and then, of course, be very playful for the finale and have these carwash-inspired dresses or feathers and the light-up signs. i think fashion is frivolous, we don’t really need it honestly, i mean i should be not even working because honestly, we all have enough clothes in the world and we all have enough things so i try to make something that’s inspiring, something that you don’t have that draws you in. i think that’s the thing that is missing in the world for anything so i try to do that with the clothes i design and the shows. music free to take : “mine all mine by katrina stone” artlist