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Moschino - Women's Spring/Summer 2020 collection in Milan (with interview)

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Artistic director: jeremy scottinspiration: the artwork and life of pablo picasso reinterpreted by jeremy scott on the moschino catwalk. a casting of top models such as gigi and bella hadid, kaia gerber and irina shayk.collection: a sophisticated wardrobe built like a work of art. we find famous paintings of the spanish artist recreated in 3d on trouser suits, puff ball and pencil skirts. each piece shows the couture expertise of the italian brand’s ateliers. dresses shaped like guitars, harlequin jumpsuits and a girl with mandolin inspired outfit, we rediscover the paintings of the artist who comes to life on these clothes. pierrot’s frilled collars, polka dot dresses, matador jackets, primitive flowers, exaggerated and rounded shoulders and puffed sleeves are the details highlighted in this cheerful and humorous collection.to note: gigi hadid in a wedding dress embroidered with doves.interview with jeremy scott:i was really trying to bring to life the spanish and mediterranean feel. i was thinking about all the muses of pablo picasso, all the women that inspired him. some were his wife’s, two were his wife, some were his lovers, even his daughter paloma.i just really wanted to kind of bring that to life, this kind of excitement, the dynamism of the brushstrokes, the dynamism of the silhouette. i tried to work a new way this time. i tried to actually do paper models at first and try to subvert the shape and the form and i tried to challenge myself about my own constrictions and convictions i had about garments and the way they should be in symmetry. being a western person, i think a lot of us have a very symmetrical kind of tendency but i tried to take the inspiration thinking of how picasso would have one eye here and one there and the abstraction of the human form and i thought how can i abstract the garment, how can i do something totally new in that way. music from the show (for use only in context of the show, under cover of the right to information).