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MSGM : Men's Autumn/Winter 2020/21 show in Milan (interview with Massimo Giorgetti)

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Designer: massimo giorgetticollection: a wardrobe, palette of colours, space and soundscape inspired by the horror film director dario argento. the result is clear-cut silhouettes, juggling between a casual and sartorial spirit. floral patterns are mixed with small monsters to create a new fantastic aesthetic. the suits express a certain fluidity. the denim is dyed in red and faded pink. the two-tone knitwear is unbuttoned on the front. small scarves are tied around the neck on herringbone coats. the shirts are layered and printed with legendary scenes from the director’s films. to note: some female appearances on the catwalk to reveal the pre-fall 2020 collection. accessories such as the leather gloves are inspired by heroes from the world of the italian dario argento.inteview with massimo giorgetti :this season i am proud to present the collaboration with dario argento. it’s been a long time that i’ve wanted to do something with him and my team convinced me to send an email to him and he answered immediately and we worked together on the lights, sound, venue, all the collection, the prints, but the real collaboration for me was what he told me about colours, about beauty, about ugliness, about scary things but beautiful things and he told me this quote and it’s a very famous quote of dario, “we are two, my dark side and i”there are two different souls but they can live together and i have to say in the last month i have watched a lot of dario’s movies and i think you will see all these amazing aesthetics in this show. all the collection at the end moved in this kind of chic and had kind of sophisticated scary things. music from the show (to use only in context of the show, under cover of the right to information)