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Milan Fashion Week : Exclusive interview with Carlo Capasa, President of the Italian Chamber of Fashion

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On the eve of the start of milan fashion week, we meet with carlo capasa, who gives us a taste of a week which will flow between digital events and physical collections, also with the arrival of dolce & gabbana in the officialcalendar and the valentino collection which will close the fw for the first time. note a focus on the younger generation of italian designers and the support for lebanese creations. this is a fashion week that aims to be unifying, fraternal and creative.interview with carlo capasa:what has been the impact of the health crisis on milan fashion week?for sure, we learned that digital is part of our business. i don't think that digital is substituting the physical show and we have the proof of that look, for example, in july we have had a digital week, but there were two fashion shows that were physical, etro and dolce &gabbana, and it was very successful. we have to learn how to act, how to move out, how to use the distance, the mask, everything we need to use.but we have to live with the virus. we have to go on. what are the changes to be made to the fashion industry? we have to pay more attention to sustainability, we have to pay more attention to inclusion, diversity, and those two main points are very important. we have to be more consistent, giving a little bit less, but with more content, with longer life and paying more attention to sustainability and to inclusion of diversity.should we change the pace of fashion weeks?we have to remember that behind the beauty, there are a lot of workers, a lot of people, a lot of artisans, industry, families, and so we have to respect the time for those people, but also we have to respect the time forcreation.you know, if you are a designer, you want to create your collection and you want to show the collection you created.what is the next challenge?we have to learn how to live together with the virus and i think the fashion week has to show the way, how can we be together respecting theothers. the best has to come and the best is to be more, more related to the ambient.when people, during the most difficult moment, they are all together, theytry to be generous and they are all together and trying to be very not egotistical. i think this is the message in this moment. so, we have to be positive, try to see the light in the deep of the tunnel and try to reach thatlight. so, we have, definitely, to think for good, because when it is a bad moment, it is the time to think for good.music free of rights - artlist