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Insider Leonard Spring-Summer 2021: Interviews with Christine Phung & Nathalie Tribouillard

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It is through a film that resembles a road movie, filmed in biarritz, that the leonard house unveiled its spring-summer 2021 collection by designer christine phung. featuring two models and professional surfer nina reynal, the collection expresses an ode to rediscovered freedom.the hawaiian shirt is revisited in the colours of the house and through iconic prints. the orchid mixes with hibiscus flowers and palms. crepe beach dress, silk jersey caftan, kimono coat in silk seersucker, short neoprene and mesh dress, and printed sweatshirt setting the tone for a bright, summery wardrobe.interviews:christine phungthe idea of the film is a road movie between three friends who go surfing in the ocean in biarritz, and we collaborated with the surfer nina reynal, who wore a dress and who surfed in leonard dresses in full curlers.the whole fashion house is even more beautiful when it is shifted and transported. and this season, i really wanted to escape and so we had the idea of combining the orchids of the leonard house with hibiscuses, palms and waves and working on the iconic hawaiian shirt.nathalie tribouillardit's a very special season this season, we made our collections half in lockdown and half free. so, we really wanted to talk about freedom and optimism, lightness, femininity and colour.we opted to digitize our creation, because we have to evolve in the world we are in, but make clothes that are very cheerful, very colourful, very lively, very free.christine phungcomfort was all the more important after lockdown, i am under the impression that women have totally changed the way they dress, that we are now more on a quest for comfort and freedom to move. we are slowly getting rid of stiletto heels, overly tailored jackets that oppress us and compress us and there is now this desire to move freely.music from the show (to use only in context of the show, under cover of the right to information)