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Stéphane Rolland welcomes us to the shooting of his Haute Couture Spring/ Summer 2021 film

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Stéphane rolland welcomes us in the théâtre de la villette, in paris. the decor of the stage, with large stone arches, is the perfect spot to showcase his latest haute couture collection. the couturier was inspired by the famous painting "the meninas" by vélasquez and the work of spanish artist manolo valdés.one singular model, friend and muse of stéphane, nieves alvarez, gives life to the clothes, following everyone's instructions...suspended in time, for this particular day, a team composed of hair stylists, make-up artists, stylists and technicians, is busy giving life to these pieces, to the new collection.with an interview with stéphane rolland.i started working on the collection about three, four months ago by visiting places, notably the théâtre de la villette, and i wanted to make a collection on the meninas by manolo valdés. then when i saw the theatre, i told myself: this season i must do it! it is a sort of homage to manolo valdés, vélasquez and spain in that period.these skirts are really sculptures, made of gazar. the slips in the middle are made in a certain way, they weigh a little, however, there is a particular frame inside, a canework, like the canework of the headdress. the skirts are reminiscent of the sculptures of manolo valdés. and it is not really the crinoline, it is not this “cheesy” side of a princess. you see, we are beyond that. we refocus at the bottom, and the curve is very particular. it is something that is down to the centimetre.what took a long time, was finding the perfect volume. so, we had to keep tightening, loosening and tightening the boning to be accurate to the time instead of outdated.my role today, is to bring as much lightness and beauty as possible, so that there are positive images, and to show that through everything, there are teams working. what we do not think about, is that through haute couture, there are hundreds of people who work on one collection. music issued from the fashion shows and the videos (only to be used in the context of this fashion show, covered under the right to information)