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Insider Leonard - Meeting with Georg Lux and Nathalie Tribouillard

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Leonard- autumn-winter 2021/22 collectionmeeting with georg lux and nathalie tribouillarda new era for the leonard house that has unveiled the first collection by creative director georg lux, entitled 'beyond midnight'.inspired by claude chabrol's film 'the twist', the collection references both its art deco world, but also the 70s world of glamour.nathalie tribouillard – ceo of leonardwe welcomed georg in the middle of the covid pandemic. when he started his mission, we were all scattered, and we had a great challenge ahead of us. we want to surprise, innovate, make our customers want to party and live life, but without being able to see them, it has been complicated.georg lux, creative director of leonardi arrived here, obviously having flowers in mind. the house is full of flowers with a magnificent archive, with more than 5000 designs since 1958. therefore, it is incredible the treasures that i searched through practically every day.the collection is called ‘beyond midnight’, therefore a party collection, to go out at midnight or beyond, when we do not know what will happen after. i was inspired by the 1976 film ‘folies bourgeoises’ by claude chabrol, with stéphane audran, a 70s film, but with a strong art deco influence. to mix these two eras, which both loved to party, and which were very exuberant, i found magnificent.i’m starting with this dress, which is devoured velvet, engulfed in silk, from an 80s leopard print from our archives. it was developed in lyon, for us, so it is a tailor-made material for us.this is also a print from the 80s archives but inspired by art deco. i used these same colours for this print, but also cooler colours.i love shoulder pads this season, the little ruffles that are integrated into the shoulders to emphasise a stronger, more powerful silhouette, a bit ‘dynasty’. it is our flagship material, the silk jersey that we have been using since the 60s, with a 70s paisley print.it is an incredible technique used in lyon, by the last moire maker, who makes moire by hand. this technique consists of a fabric stick with wooden sticks; it is quite violent, but it gives this water wave effect in the material. it is anything but industrial.i try to give a little of my own joy and passion to this collection and i find that it has succeeded quite well.music issued from the film (only to be used in the context of paris fashion week, covered under the right to information)