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What's Up - Esteban Cortazar & Desigual : the explosive collaboration

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Interview esteban cortazar :i always wanted to do a collectioninspired by my childhood growing up on south beach in the 90s.i always wanted to do something very special and i was waiting for the right project where i could really do it, like really the right way and big.esteban cortazar & desigual : the explosive collabthe collection in three words?i think it definitely is about optimism,it's a word that we have used and thought aboutfrom the very beginning of the collaboration.i think freedom is also an important wordbecause it was a very liberating and spontaneous time.third one, i think would probably be love.when you put love into a project like this and everybody comes together,it's just like an energy that is built and everybody feels it.what's new ?i knew i wanted to do something with my dad.he was a pioneer artist of south beach in the 90s.he was the first one to hope to have a studio on ocean drive in front of the oceanand the style of " el baso" - the kiss of my dad,which is a very free style, black and white strokes with red detailed lips.focus sur i really love the slip dresses becauseboth of them, they fit beautifully and they fall.i really push for them to be cut in the bias.it really follows the body.after being 20 years in fashion,i have a different perspectiveand i decided to really kind of do things my own way.