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Insider : A day with the Green students of IFM Paris

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A day at the heart ofthe ifm sustainibility chairinfiltration of our teamat the heart of the 2020/21 promotionof the ifm kering sustainability chairat the french fashion institute (ifm paris)the day of the graduation ceremonyand the presentation of their ‘sustainable’ projectin front of a jury of professionalsinterview with xavier romatet : what is interesting, which was the purpose of this certificate,was to make students aware of 'sustainability in fashion',but also to push them to act and to have their own projects.interview with marie-claire daveu :when it comes to the definition of sustainability,we are in essence, in fact on the articulation of the three pillars:the environment, society, and economics.and that's what we see through their project.interview with nicolas houzé :enthusiasm,to see that there are there are things as diverse asparticipation in expedition projects,recycling of products, the creation of responsiblethere's everything. that's what's interesting.i must say that i really liked the flax project.35 students for this promotion16 projects unveiledtheir objective: to change the worldinterview with joakin echeverria : we're talking about flax straw, actually, and then we come to the sweatshirt.but here you have zero waste,no water, no exfoliant, no gmos used.it regenerates the soil naturally; biodiversity, it's just magic.interview with hugo castejon-blanchard :the association was born in antonyat the huda center, which is emerging about 200 political refugees.a lot of the guys who are here don't doanything all day, or feel like doing something.we realised very quickly that we were not making clothes,we were actually sharing a moment,and yes, the human element has won out much more.and i think today,fashion is also evolving dynamically, in a collaborative fashion.interview with marie-claire daveu :what i like is that is that the projectsaddress different themes.the designer marco was very much on the "chiengora" so new raw materials, etc.that is very interesting.and you can really see that there was a creative process.interview with marco ward :the goal would of course be to achieverecycling everything found in bins.so yes, i've been looking through certain bins.the bins of groomers, the bins of hairdressers to collect human hair,dog and cat hairand i tried to create a threadfrom what you can find in paris' bins.in the future, we may not be able to not be able to use machines,electricity,we risk not having a way to bringmaterials that come from far away.so, that's why i focused locally and on craft.interview with riccardo bellini : we spend more and more time in business meetings, to discuss, on the boards,and when you talk and you see kids,kids in terms of young students coming up with 360 degrees ideas,with no limitation, with great passion and drive,this is not just a source of ideas, but it's also a great source of energy.interview with xavier romatet : what young people are doing today,it is not something they do to preach in the wilderness.it's something they do that couldbe supported by a number of the industry's major players.and that, for me, is very important.