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How to become a millionaire as an influencer!

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Script video : interview with redouane ramdani: the rarest thing in the world today,is not money, it's attention.people who hold people's attention, hold economic power.snipfeed is a french start-upthat allows creators and influencersto monetise their contentin one single clickbut how? interview with redouane ramdani : more and more people want toturn their passion into a profession.at snipfeed, our mission is to help them achieve this missionthat can change their lives.the way we do it is pretty simple.we give these people a mini website,on whcih they can monetise their content and services.really the idea is to simplify, to the maximum,the means to make money on the internet, and our mission is toaccompany the creators- we call them "creators" more than"influencers", because they can create content and create value -from their first euro to their first million euros.it's revolutionary, in the sense that it's part of arenaissance that we're living through right now.today, we've moved from organisations, to individuals.redouane ramdanione of the snipsfeed founders,is currently hiring15 employeesbetween the united states and francewhich content creators todayare the most successful?interview with redouane ramdani :what's quite interesting, is that there are a lot of peopletoday who are reinventing their business on social media.for example, what suprised us at first,was the number of astrologers who have joined the platform.we have thousands of astrologers using the platform.everything that is also advice,in a fairly general sense, financial advisor of course,including crypto.today, everything that is in crypto currency,people don't necessarily understand, they want advice.i will say, the fields of education and astrology,are both areas that have suprised us the most on the platform..on which social medias?tiktok is really the number one platform for people under 25.i think any brand today must have a tiktok strategy, if it wants to grow.it's the number one way to go viral too.and the other way is stories, whether they're on snapchat, or instagram.actually, it's short videos, either on tiktok, instagram or snapchat.short videos are the number one format, regardless of the platform.and in terms of platforms, i would say that the platform to investin mainly, is tiktok, or maybe youtube shorts.can anyone become an influencer?the rarest thing in the world today,is not the money, it's attention.people who hold people's attention, hold economic power.and i think that's what's interesting.that's why there are so many influencers who are so powerful.if i take fashion as an example,this is why someone like bernard arnault, who brings in peoplelike virgil abloh or matthew williams,who are influential, and who control attention,that's what's fascinating and will really define the next few cultural years.